About the Wonderbed mattress

  • Where can I try the Wonderbed mattress?

    No more time wasting at the mattress store. You can now try the Wonderbed mattress in the comfort of your lovely home. With our industry leading 100 night trial, free express delivery and amazing customer support, rest easy on a perfect mattress designed just for you.

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping is free Singapore-wide. That's right, FREE.

  • How is Wonderbed priced so competitively?

    Quality at half the price. Unlike traditional mattress retailers, we do not spend on flashy showrooms built on pushy salesmen & their large commissions. Being an online retailer, we pass the cost savings to our beloved customers & reinvest into product innovation. In fact, you no longer have to wait weeks for your mattress delivery.

  • Dimensions of the Wonderbed mattress?

    One model in Singaporean sizes. The Wonderbed mattress is engineered to be 25.4cm (10 inches) high, the perfect height for most bed bases. Length and width are as follows:

    Single - 91 x 191 cm

    Super Single - 107 x 191 cm

    Queen - 152 x 191 cm

    King - 183 x 191 cm

  • What weight and size can the Wonderbed mattress support comfortably?

    The Wonderbed mattress is able to comfortable sustain 250kg of combined weight across the mattress. We have tested this with a 175kg dummy on one side and 75kg on the other side, with no clear signs of sinking in the middle as weight is distributed evenly.

  • How to choose a bed frame for Wonderbed mattress?

    The Wonderbed mattress is compatible with any firm, flat surface including platforms, slats, box spring or even the floor. The Wonderbed mattress comes in standardized Singaporean sizes. If your bed base is from a foreign manufacturer, a difference of 3cm should still fit.

  • How long can the mattress stay in the box?

    Remove/unbox the mattress within one week of delivery.If you wish to keep it in the box for a longer period, kindly contact us.

  • Can I unzip the mattress cover and clean it?

    Yes you can. No more worrying about mattress spills or stains. Hand wash with warm soapy water for best effect. Remember to line dry and avoid any high heat drying methods, as this can shrink or deform the fabric.

  • I have a latex allergy; will I be ok?

    Wonderbed's superior latex layer does not come into direct contact with your skin as there are two cover layers on top: the fabric cover and a mattress protection sock. That being said, there is a minor risk of cross contamination, that may or may not affect individuals with severe allergy reaction.

  • Is the Wonderbed mattress resistant to dust mites?

    Our latex layer serves as a deterrent to dust mites in general. We encourage you to cover the mattress with sheets when they are first purchased to further protect the mattress.

  • Where are Wonderbed mattresses manufactured?

    The Wonderbed mattress is a high quality, high performance mattress designed for Singaporean. All the components such as foam, fabrics, threads, latex are sourced globally from top producers. Our global manufacturing partner, houses an advanced mattress assembly factory in China, operating with the highest independent quality control.

  • Can the Wonderbed mattress be put back into the box?

    Several state of the art machines are used to safely compress, roll & vacuum seal our hybrid foam mattress into a durable box. Compression is actually great for the foam as it addresses any inconsistencies within the foam hardness and density, increasing overall mattress durability. This is compared with outdated spring systems that may lose-shape in the compression process.

    Once released from the vacuum sealed package, the mattress cannot be re-compressed back into the box.


  • Payment methods

    Wonderbed accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank Transfer and PayPal. There are no surcharges for any transactions, but you will receive a $10 store credit for payments made via Bank Transfer (FAST Payments).